a corridor, birds and a bright face

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Ok, so last year my friend, my brother and I made a short film for my film class. It was based upon a poem by Jerzy Skolimowski (a Polish film director, recently best known for "Essential Killing") ; he did some poetry many years ago - not really my favourite but there's this one poem I really, really liked a lot. I don't wanna tell you what it's about, not to impose any ideas on you (nevertheless, if you're interested in the story, let me know and I'll try to explain it).

Anyway, I can't put the whole thing in here but I chose three themes/shots that I'm allowed to use, so to speak, and that might be useful for some other RECords.

Now, it's not a raw footage, I left most of the editing from the original cut (and added the lovely gentle tune by megancarnes:)). Also, it was originally shot in color, but while editing we decided to turn it into black&white for a better effect. Should any of you prefer the full-color version, please, let me know.

Soo... I guess that's it. Hope you'll find it useful :)

Created: Jan 24, 2011

Tags: dreamlike, nightmarish, nightmare

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