Lost at Sea – Animatic – Second Draft

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This second draft of the animatic for the Lost at Sea animated short incorporates a significant change to clarify the role of Rán, goddess of the sea – she's now the story's antagonist, working to claim Hermod as a soul lost at sea.

It also has an extended finale to give the story more of an emotional pay-off, which I've set to a quick sketch of a new 8-bar section of music to underscore Hermod's final swim to the shore and a nervous moment when it appears he might not have made it. (The final version of the music will tie together with the original much more seamlessly than this!)

The images are all based on gorgeous storyboards by egan316.

Thanks to everyone who provided thoughtful and constructive feedback on the first draft, many of which have influenced the changes you see here!

Created: May 07, 2017

Tags: 16:9, hd, animation, lost at sea, animatic

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