Mr. Tony

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Feminism was a bad word growing up, but that didn’t stop me from speaking up. My conservative catholic school didn’t coincide with my world views. Class after class I kept raising my hand and fighting the teachers on why it was sexist to have home economic classes. They told us repeatedly that wearing a bikini was a sin, and convinced us that rape could be prevented if we dressed appropriately. I was dealing with these misogynistic views and I’m not proud to say I stated believing them.

I met Mr. Tony in high school, brand new school, brand new teachers. His creative writing class was my favorite. Every lecture we discussed different stories, and I remember talking about one that revolved around sexual abuse. The class started debating the story, the girl’s “behavior” and why it may have provoked her abuser. He listened and then stood in front of the class, and asked, “When is sexual abuse the victim’s fault?” Before anyone had a chance to respond he said “Never”. And In that moment, he thought me to fight for my beliefs and to never let anyone change my mind. Today, I’m happy to call myself an advocate and a proud feminist.   

Created: May 07, 2017


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