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You cut me open; right down the middle

Like that frog we dissected during our sophomore year in high school

You poked and probed and tried to figure out which parts did what

You turned me inside out

Exposing the most secret parts of me

You found parts that we didn't know could exist inside human beings

You looked at the black mess that bursted out of my chest and called it beautiful

I did the same to you

We cut each other

We made each other bleed

That's what we thought love was

But in the end we were lying next to each other on a silver slab of metal

Wondering why we allowed ourselves to destroy one another

It was probably because we promised to stitch each other back up again

But how could I put you back together when I was bleeding to death?

How could you stitch up my wounds when you were too weak to move?

I'm sorry for causing so much damage

I forgive you for causing so much pain

At least now we both know how not to love

Created: May 07, 2017

Tags: poetry, story, free verse, prose

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