"Scratch my back"

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Two Caucasian men in their mid-60s are sitting alone, with their arms folded, and across from each other in front of a desk between them. The office looks typical with an immaculately clean carpet as well as a clock and nature photographs hanging on the walls. Neither man has said a word for several minutes now. Both are wearing dark suits and polished dress shoes. Man #1 has his back facing the door and his eyes are fixating on the eyes of Man #2 who is somewhat slouching in his chair and staring back at Man #1.

MAN #2


Let’s not do this.

A few minutes pass with more silence in the room, except the steady sound of ticking from the clock. Both men’s facial expressions remain stoic, and they continue to sit still. Then, with a flash of rage, Man #1 bolts upright from his chair and slams his fists on the table.

MAN #1

Damn it!

Man #1 swings around and quickly heads toward the door behind him.


Man #1 impetuously stomps along the sidewalk. As he is doing so, his cell phone rings. He intentionally ignores the call. Several seconds go by and his phone continues to alert him of its presence. Finally, he stops and reaches in his left pocket to answer the call.

Man #1

(with obvious indignation)


There is no reply from the other side.

Man #1

Well, what is it?!

Man #2

(in a deflated tone)

You win.

Man #1

(satisfied and with a smirk)

I knew it, they couldn’t say no..

Created: May 07, 2017

Tags: story, fiction

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