time hopping girl (short film idea/script)

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the short film is called 'unblink'. 

the concept is - a girl has the ability to 'blink' forward in time. whenever she is nervous about an upcoming event, she blinks forward to when it has already ended.


(i know we're not meant to write a script, but this is actually an idea/script i wrote for the 'future' episode of hr on tv ages ago, but never actually uploaded it. i thought it might still work as a comedy short possibly)

i don't know correct script writing format, sorry.


*little girl called Sel is sat in bedroom with a big fluffy TALKING DOG called Adventure Buddy*

sel: ohwww I don't want to go :( *anxious*

bud: it'll be fiiiine

sel: i just wish it was already over :( i wish i could just portal forward into the future when i’ve left the dentist and all my teeth are happy and everything is sunny and good again!

bud: I don't think that's possible, sel.

sel: it is! I'll show u!

bud: ur gonna portal into the future?

sel: look!

*sel blinks and the screen goes black*

sel: blink! vvsshhhh (making sci-fi sound fx with her mouth)

sel: and.. 

*sel unblinks*

sel: unblink!

*we see sel walking down the street after dentist with bud and sel’s mum*

sel: omg. it worked! it’s over and my teeth are happy! mum i did it! i portalled to the future :D

sel’s mum: wow dr bognit really gassed you up good.

sel: no it’s not.. i really..

*turns to bud*

sel: bud did you see!

bud: uh.. yeah. i guess it worked?

*we cut to scene in the car*

*we see sel and bud on the backseat*

bud: so now you can stop worrying :)

sel: i know, im such a worrybunny. im never gonna make it in this world :/ it’s dog eat dog out there, bud!

bud: i find that offensive.

sel: i'm just gonna be worrying and scared of everything and people will walk all over me!

bud: oh calm down.

sel: i’m going to amount to nothing :( *buries head in hands*

bud: i’m sure you’ll do great!

sel: maybe i should blink forward? just to make sure!

bud: that’s an awfully long way to blink..

sel: let’s try! :D

*sel blinks. screen goes black*

sel: blink! aand..

sel: (adult woman's voice) unblink!

*sel appears in a fancy office*

sel: oh wow. look at me in my fancy city girl outfit. I must be important.

young office worker man: I'll have those files for you this afternoon, boss.

sel: not good enough Stephens, i need them yesterday!!

young office worker man: *panicking* coming right up boss!! 

*he runs off to his office*

sel: wow he called me boss! IM A BOSS!

bud: congrats!

sel: did you hear what i said? i said ‘i need them yesterday’ :D how badass was that!

bud: it was mildly badass. so.. nothing to worry about then. all turned out well!

sel: i guess so.

*camera zooms out to reveal big pregnant belly*

sel: AAAAHHH! what is this giant thing?!

bud: I think ur having a ba-

sel: don’t even tell meDONTEVENTELLME that i have to squeeze this warlock through my tiny vagina i mean what genius thought that was a good idea? make newborns smaller or give me a bigger hole! god is so stupid!

bud: it’ll be fine, lot’s of people give bir -

sel: IM NOT DOING IT OK! im blinking forward >:O

bud: but you’re gonna miss the whole magical process of -


*screen goes black*

sel: BLINK! AND..

*sel is now in a nice home with her little boy - around 3*

sel: unblink. oh.. hi there :) aren’t you cute! a boy huh? kinda disappointed i’m not gonna lie.. i was looking forward to sewing some cute little skirts and -

*camera zooms out to reveal boy wearing a cute little skirt*

sel: oh.. i did it anyway. good for me! :D ok now you go off and play *shoos boy away*

bud: so everything turned out fine see? now we can stop this blinking business, it’s playing havoc with my fluff :/

*bud points out his time-worn fluffy skin*

sel: (suddenly panicked) D: did you see the way it waddled out of here? it can barely stand on its own 2 feet! how is it going to survive in this world??

bud: it’s a frickin toddler, sel. they all -

sel: no i don’t like it bud! what if it just waddles through life and ends up a total failure! what if i don’t teach him the right things? i’m a single mother, how am i supposed to raise this child by myself??

bud: you wanna blink again don’t you.. -_-

sel: i dont have a choice bud! i need to know he has a happy future ahead and i don’t do a terrible job raising him!

bud: ..

bud: ugh. just do it..

sel: blink..

*screen goes black*

sel: aand..

sel: (old woman’s voice) ..unblink

*we see an old sel in hospital bed with a little girl by her bed*

*bud is in bed with sel looking very old and fray*

sel: (to the little girl) oh hi. you’re.. not my son, are you? i mean it’s cool if u are but.. *looks puzzled*

alice: (giggling) you’re silly, grandma :D

*pan to reveal a man next to alice*

sel’s son: are you doing better mum? I just brought Alice round to see u.

bud and sel together: ohh...

sel: look at you, son! ur all grown up and you even made your own tiny human like i did! tiny human-making-machine high five!!

*son smiles and high-5’s his mum, in a ‘she’s always doing silly things like this’ accepting kinda way*

sel’s son: I'll pick Alice up later. 

*he walks off*

sel: so you’re my granddaughter huh?

alice: haha you know who i am :)

sel: well I just blinked here from the past. u didn't even exist a minute ago!

alice: wow! are you a time traveller?? :o

sel: sure am. I blinked from when I was little like you allll the way to here with a few crazy stops on the way.

alice: but. if you were little like me a while ago that means you missed all the fun playtime in between?

sel: well.. i mean, i didn’t ACTUALLY time-travel. i’m not magic.

alice: oh..?

sel: well at first i guess i thought i might be able to..

*we revisit that first scene, child-sel in her room with bud*

bud: that’s an awfully long way to blink..

sel: let’s try! :D 

*sel closes eyes. screen goes black*

sel: blink! and..

*opens eyes*

sel: hmm. didn’t work :/

bud: well.. it’s ok because you’ve blinked now. and when the horrible dentist butchering is over you can unblink! and then it’ll kinda be like you time-travelled.

sel: but i want it to be over noww :(

bud: i know.. but it’ll all be ok in the end. it’s just the ‘not knowing’ that’s scary.

but in the future you’ve already unblinked and everything went well, so there’s nothing to worry about! all you have to do now is wait it out :)

sel: that’s true! i kinda feel less nervous already :)

*we revisit the after-dentist scene*

sel: omg im so glad that’s over! you know it wasn’t even that bad in the end :)

bud: good. hey now you can unblink, remember?

sel: oh yeah! good idea! ok ready? aand.. 

*sel closes her eyes and screen goes black*

sel: unblink. 

*she opens them again*

sel: omg. it worked! it’s over and my teeth are happy!

*back in hospital*

sel: so you see.. it’s just something that made me feel less scared about the future.

it’s like everything has already happened, and blinking just connects all those moments together. it’s like giving my future-self a high five!

*little sel appears in a fantasy bubble next to old sel and they high five*

old sel: we made it tiny-me :)

little sel: yay! wow you are old as balls..

*angrily waves fantasy bubble away*

sel: (muttering) cheeky little brat >: so anyway.. you should try it yourself, alice. whenever you’re scared about anything in the future.. just blink ahead! :)

alice: i can blink to when my first day of school is over! i’m scared to go..

sel: perfect! and here, take this.

*turns to bud who we now just see as a stuffed toy dog*

sel: this is Adventure Buddy! i call him bud. he makes a great blinking companion.

alice: thanks grandma! but dont you need him?

sel: well.. i don’t have much of a future left.

alice: that’s true! i mean you’re so super old you must be like three hundred and seven!

sel: yes. 307 exactly. -_-

alice: maybe in the future you’ll be in heaven!

sel: i dunno, but i think i called god stupid once because he didnt give me a big vagina so.. i guess i’ll have that to deal with.

*they look at each other for a moment then sel's face drops a little*

sel: you know, i guess i am still a little frightened of the future.. :/ i wish i knew what comes next..

alice: why don’t you blink forward and see!

sel: um.. i guess i could.

*we now see bud next to alice as we saw him before*

bud: hey it’ll all be ok in the end, it’s just not knowing that’s scary :)

sel: thanks bud.. 

*very gentle fistbump*

sel: ok here i go. blink..

*screen goes black*

sel: aaand..

*title of short film ‘unblink’ fades in*

Created: May 07, 2017


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