Anything for your Dog

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Owner about to leave at end of work day, but their boss hands them a large stack of folders
They sit back down and open up the app
Cut to:
WAG! Walker gets notification from owner and drops everything and races out the door (could be in the middle of something and stops not even finishing what they are doing)
WAG! Walker is seen doing anything to get to this dog in a hurry (traffic jam? Walker just rolls over the hood of each car on his back. Large crowd? Walker does a side wall kick/ acrobatic maneuver to go over them. Young girls jumping rope? Walker jumps in not messing up their rhythm to get to the other side. Suddenly can't get thru a skate park? Walker grabs a skateboard and helmet and rolls and jumps over the park. Small fire at a street cart in the way? Walker grabs a nearby hose from a store and puts it out, not accepting any praise as he has to keep going to get to the dog. Construction on the sidewalk? Walker long jumps and swings on a hanging extension cord over wet cement. Etc etc etc)
WAG! Walker arrives at the owner's home, opens door to see happy dog on the other side.
Both are happy as they head outside to go on a walk
Cut to:
Owner at work checks app and smiles knowing the WAG! Walker is with their dog.

Created: May 06, 2017


JenCecarr Document Media