Her New Home

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It was her home, she had slept in that house for years, and yet she left it all.

She wanted to leave, when she was young everything was good, everyone was happy but as she grew older the more her parents grew apart. They yelled and screamed whenever they made eye contact until they both started to yell at her, that was the only time they got along when they laughed at her and called her names. All she wanted to do was escape and so she did, she waited till they had started their screaming match to decide who was the loudest and most vicious, she stole her mother’s wolf skin coat and her father’s candlestick and matches.

She ran into the woods that she remembered so well, a place that she would hide from the yelling, she almost smiled at the memory of being in the woods but shook her head. She ran further and further trying to escape the loud voices that she heard in her head, trying to escape everything that happened, she felt tears coming down her face as the wind hit her and made her tears feel like ice as they made their way down.

Yet as she kept running no matter what direction she could still hear the yelling of her father calling her useless and a waste of a life, she could hear her mother’s laugh as she found it funny when her husband verbally abuses their daughter. She hid behind a tree and sunk down pulling her knees as close as she could to her body, she rests her head into them as she begged for someone to rid her from their yells and screams. She pulls her wolf skin coat up as she began to shake and takes out the candle and lit it with one of the matches, for she was always scared of the dark.

All ten matches lay on the ground around her burnt out and void as she stared in fear at the candle that wasn’t giving off light for none of the matches were able to ignite the wick. She threw the candle somewhere in the woods in hopes that she would never see it again. She looked up at the tree she sat under and began to climb up, hoping that maybe she could see the moon and its light. As she climbed up, grabbing branch after branch without looking down or up knowing that if she did she would freeze up in fear at how far she was to the ground. Then she finally made I to the top out of breath and she sees the moon in all its glory glow of beautiful light, she felt mad that the moon gets to have such a peaceful existence while the most hope that she had was maybe one day her parents will change and return to the way they were.

Without thinking she screamed and howled at the moon with disappointment that she had to hide and hold all her sadness inside. She screamed until she can no longer scream for her throat is to raw, she then felt the icy tears yet again glide down her face and she sat there and glared at the moon until she started slipping in and out of conciseness. She knew she would fall if she were to sleep so she began her journey to the bottom of the tree.

She slipped multiple times trying get down but once she did, it gave this feeling that made her feel good about herself, so she looked around the tree trying to find somewhere to rest until she saw this small opening between the roots. A spot small enough for her to fit under and sleep for the rest of the night, she grabbed the wolf coat and put it on her in a way that made it feel like a blanket.

This is her new home, underneath the tree that glowed the most in the dark for the moon glowed onto it more than the others, now she could sleep in peace with only the sounds of crickets in the dark, this is all she has.

Created: May 06, 2017


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