More reasons to be late

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-Owner stuck in an elevator
-Owner's tie or necklace is stuck in the printer at work
-Owner had an accident in the public bathroom (toilet sprayed them with water, overflowed the work toilet and it's leaking everywhere, they dropped their keys in the toilet)
-Owner is trying to leave work or someone's house but the other people are really chatty
-A tree fell on the owner's car
-Owner lost their keys, glasses, car etc
-Owner stepped into quick drying cement on the sidewalk
-Owner is a window washer and is dealing with faulty equipment (they take out their app as they are hanging from the side of a building)
-Owner is lost somewhere really obviously that they they don't belong. (Desert with nothing around, people around them speaking a different language they don't understand, perhaps in space as a astronaut and they can't get back they're looking at a map on how to return to earth)

Created: May 06, 2017


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