Shorts Showcase Transition Ideas

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One last sheet of paper is placed on a neat pile – maybe after coming out of a typewriter. A gust of wind scatters them all around and one of them covers the camera a bit sideways. It says The Hitrecord Shorts Showcase. As it blows away we begin a new short.

The room is dark when suddenly a red light is turned on. A sheet of photographic paper is being developed in a solution (sorry, don’t know the right substances used) held by some tweezers when an image begins to appear on the paper. It says The Hitrecord Shorts Showcase. Then the paper is taken out and bathed in another solution and a different image appears, revealing the new short which we “dive” into.

Someone is writing “The Hitrecord Shorts Showcase” on a search engine. As the words are written we can see the different suggestions appear – The Hitrecord website, The Hitrecord Shorts are awesome, etc. Then a link appears and they click on it which opens a new short.

Created: May 06, 2017

Tags: sorts showcase, transition, ideas

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