WAG! I was here first!

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(NOTE - I had posted this under the other contributor page for this project when I came across this page and saw that @greenbananaseat has the same concept! Oops. Great minds think alike! :)) ?

The scene opens in a living room with a new mom ( IT's A BOY! banner on the wall, ballons, etc.) sitting on the sofa nursing (or holding) the new baby in her pajamas. The dog is so perplexed and heartbroken about this new "thing" that is stealing all the attention, but also endearingly curious. The dog brings a few toys to coax the mom to play but she is too tired and busy and looks at him guiltily and shakes her head no. The dog is getting progressively more sad and tries one more thing - the leash! She sits there wagging her tail, pleading for a walk! Again... the mom shakes her head no. The new mom feels bad as she looks at her pet and then gets an idea (idea bubble with WAG!) and picks up her phone and presses the WAG! button. The dog is THRILLED when the WAG! Walker arrives and looks back before they exit and gives either a "thank you" look or a "nah nah nah nah nah nah" look. The mother smiles with her new baby as she knows that both her babies are taken care of!

Created: May 06, 2017


MariaJack Document Media