Summer Deep Rap Remix (PA 51)

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I recorded this PA 51 rap to Beast of B.o.B.'s "Summer Deep (Remix)" record a while back, and when I checked, I noticed that it wasn't uploaded here on the site, so....

It's just one verse though, and a rough draft of one at that, but I likes it  :-)


Watch me run this like a cheetah,

Jungle in ya speaker,

going in on the beat, full hyena,

steady laughing while I work,  won't stop eatin, 

No table manners, but the flow still the cleanest,

While I rolls me the meanest, blunt with the greenest, 

Kartune Hustla, this sample is the meanest,

"B.o.B." beastin on the track, wit the remix,

Watch the psychedelic trap music blast you to Venus,

On a one way ticket, V-2 rocket,

Like water in your ear, the way we get your head bobbin,

Following the beat, so hypnotic,

No apologies, for the bass, still rockin....

Created: May 06, 2017

Tags: pa 51, beast of b.o.b, kartunehustla, beatz_by_b_don, rap verse, summer deep remix, hip hop, rap, remix, play along 51

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