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A) Yes, I like it.

B) Interviews, if possible. Would it be possible for us to maybe interview some researchers working in the field? Or does the one week time frame rule that out?

C) Awesome science, especially bits that may have fallen by the wayside. For example, those raptor chickens that U of Montana has been working diligently on for around a decade have gotten barely any press despite their great results. How cool would it be for a lot of people to find out that someone has been successfully working on recreating dinosaurs or over a decade? (They also have some major implications for spinal research.) As another example, most people are completely unaware of the prehistoric giant carnivorous kangaroos that hunted in packs. Are they cool? Yes. Do they deserve more press than they've gotten? Definitely.

D) For the why is it important bit, I'd love to include a bit of futurism. So, I was one of those kids who flipped straight to the "Future File" section when I got a new issue of 321 Contact. Showing a hypothetical "And this is what awesome impact it could theoretically have years from now!" is a good way to show people why it's relevant and they should be interested. I mean, going to the moon is great, but people want to know about the consumer level stuff that they'll get to enjoy someday.

Created: May 06, 2017


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