How can I sleep with the light on?

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Tom and Jen are in bed, late at night. The light is on so that she can read a large textbook. He is trying to sleep.

Tom: Will you be done soon? You know...I can't... 

[He falls asleep.]

Jen: Sleep with the light on. 

[Her voice wakes Tom up.]

Jen: Yeah, you've mentioned it before. 

Tom: (sigh)

Jen: I just need to finish this part... 

[She nods off.]

Tom: Jen! 

[Jen opens her eyes.]

Tom: Were you really just asleep?

Jen: No I was...memorising. I need to know this for tomorrow. Ten more minutes, OK?

[Tom starts to snore. Jen leans over and holds his nose. He wakes and she withdraws her hand, so he won't know what she's done.]

Jen: Ten minutes?

Tom: Hmm. Ten? Oh, OK, I Suppose.

[Jen goes back to reading but soon closes her eyes. Tom carefully reaches across her and switches off the light.]

[After a moment Tom starts to snore again. This wakes Jen. She puts the light back on.]

Jen: That's it. I'm finishing this chapter. 


[Jen falls asleep.]

Created: May 05, 2017


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