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They tell you to speak, but how can u when they hold you by the neck with their teeth not allowing you to breath. They tell you to sit when you want to stand. They tell you to stand even when you want to sit because your legs can't hold you anymore. They tell you to sit up and smile when all you want to do on the inside is scream and cry. Yet when you want to smile and be happy they tell you to cry. They... the voices in your head that scream at you, and tell you to scream, hate, shout, and yell at the only ones who love you. They tell you your not good enough or won't live up to anything or anyone. They say that your only a coward and a fraud afraid of that's going to come next. Yet when you finally block all of the voices out and you finally have some peace and quiet to your self.... you start to feel happy. Truly happy. But then they come back and you cant think, you can't breath, you can't move. So you lay there and not move but just let the nasty voices fill your head with all the nasty thoughts and all the nasty comments that just won't go away! And as you sit and slowly die inside, you loose all self-esteem and all you can think about is the nasty and not the good.

Created: May 05, 2017


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