The Bad and The Boring

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*Long husky sigh* What am I doing here? I was supposed to be home nearly a hour ago, why does this keep happening to me? Bad luck? Could it be a sign from God? Hmph, God, something my mother would most likely chalk it up to, like I even believe in that kind of thing. What did he ever do for me? I've been good without him so far, right? What the hell am I talking about? God, self righteous bullshit, I just need to get the FUCK home, that's all I need right now. To. Go. Home! 

I just had to let her drag me out here, wherever here is. Looks like they run drugs out here, no respectable person would ever be caught dead-

-Look, I have NO business being in a place like this but no she insisted. "It's quiet and remote, no one comes out here, it'll be fine." It'll be fine, yeah because no one comes to  a fucking dump! God! Why me! Why does it always have to me? What did I do to deserve this! Let me calm down before I raise my blood pressure. I just need to clear my head. Look, maybe in the end it'll be all worth it. 

After all, she's trying so hard, look at her with those pretty round blue eyes and young smooth skin. She probably never done this before, like you can't go to school and learn this shit, at least I don't think so. Your parents definitely not gone teach you this shit. I mean how awkward a conversation will that be, "Hey mom, can you teach me how to suck dick?" That'll be a kodak. Maybe if your mom was Kim Kardashin maybe, I bet she'll do it. 

She's putting her all into it, probably beating herself up right now, it's not her fault, I shouldn't even let her get in the car.  Probably should fire her in the morning. Yeah I'll do that. I don't think I would be able to look at her again, may be best to have Pam do it. She's good at those kind of things. Good ol' Pam. Now she looks like she'll be good at this. You know what fuck it, I can't do this no more, I really have to get home, besides Jackie probably called me a hundred times already. A late meeting at the office, that would suffice, I haven't used that one in awhile. Yeah I'll go with that. I like that. Peter you are a genius.

Created: May 05, 2017


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