The wolf girl and I

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Once upon a time, I used to call her mine

Before she put her grayish wolf pelt on

Once girl, now wolf, trading her bloodline

Making the decision that canine fur to don.

Someday in the past, our love did lose its spark

To me she is lost, yet somehow she is found

Her fate unknown, probably hiding in the dark

Or others hide, she rules the hunting ground.

This house we built, our little cozy home

Closed her to its walls and almost made her drown

Now that she breathes and doesn’t stop to roam

I wish she'd huff, and puff and bring it down.

And bring it down, down on me, and our bond

May she rage, and set us free, one day soon

May she forget me, and go far, far and beyond

May she howl and yearn for no one, but the moon.

Created: May 05, 2017


Altus Document Media