A poem for my daddy

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Oh it must be hard having people not care about what you have to say

A bold and colourful man

Now stone cold grey

Harsh and callous

Who the fuck cares

The past is done

You've given yourself your grey hairs

It doesn't matter what happened

No one talks about that now

All they say is how could a parent

Abandon their own child

How many times have I tried to reconcile

You pushed me away with your greed and bile

Your need to be right and to hear what you want

Has pushed people away

It not me whose the cunt

You did this yourself and you

Dragged everyone else with you

Poor mom.

Poor your own mom who left you

Secrets never spoken and feeling never felt

It's no wonder your anger stems from trauma undelt

I don't forgive you but I don't really need to

You're not anything more than snot on a tissue.

The emotions once rife with fathers and daughters

Has burnt to ash. Grey and abhorrent 

Created: May 05, 2017


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