Signed, Annoyed Cynic

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Although I consider myself a cynic through and through -  a glass-half-empty, Debbie Downer type,  I've discovered that I'm not as cynical as I thought.  If I were, the "Era of Trump"  would not have been a surprise to me.   If I were as cynical as I thought, I'd expect even worse from him and everyone that works for, supports and cheers him.  Instead I'm so disheartened that there are still so many ignorant and intolerant people in a world that steadily grows browner and more global.  It disgusts me that so many people have allowed themselves to be fooled by such a dishonest person.  I'm annoyed that instead of being a Debbie Downer, I was a Susie Sunshine, believing that there would be a happy ending to the 2016 election.

Created: May 04, 2017


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