Life Without Service

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It’s disappointing how rapidly my head filled with things I could fill this writing challenge with. The root of most of those things seems to be:

      People who live life in service of themselves with no regard to others.

Some people call it being considerate or selfless but I believe it goes beyond that. I joined the military at a young age because I believed in this country and it’s people. I believed it was worth fighting for. So many have fought and died for ideals and lived on the philosophy that the sacrifices of one can serve the many. In the military, you can find yourself making choices based on how you can help others even if it means putting yourself at risk. In private life, more often than not, we’re more concerned with how we can better our own situation without consideration of how it impacts others; perhaps even in spite of how it impacts others. Imagine what a world it would be if the majority of people thought more along the lines of how we could help each other and where the idea of someone trying to take advantage, exploit or screw someone else over, was an extreme rarity. 

Created: May 04, 2017


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