Mary Jane dog...

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Cupcake (Boston Terrier):  Damn I'm angry.

Jenny (Cupcakes owner) getting ready to board a flight from Colorado back to LA.

Jenny: What a I going to do with this weed cookie?  I can't just bring it on the plane, TSA will totes arrest me. 

Random Kid Stoner:  Give it to your dog.  Then we he poops it out, you can smoke it or re-eat it.  

Jenny:  Um, gross but okay...damn I'm next in line.  I'm too young to be a prison bitch.  Here Cupcake...Chow down.  OH wait, I should've googled what happens to dog when they eat pot.  (silence)  Oh well.

On the Plane

Cupcake is sleepy and hungry.  She's eating everyone snacks...shes humping legs, she's laughing at everyone for no reason.

When they land and get home....Cupcake tells her dog brother Casper:  Dude, I had the best plane ride eva!  Jenny gave me some cookie that was the bomb.

Casper:  It's the chocolate, it's an aphrodisiac.

Cupcake;  No dude, it was way more than that.

Cupcake poops.  Capser races over and smells.

Casper:  Thats marijuana! 

Cupcake:  How do I get more?

Casper:  I've got a plan.  You dress up like a lady, stand on my head and we go to the weed doctor and get you a prescription.

Cupcake:  stellar Idea!

Weed Doctor Office:

Doctor:  So tell me Cupcake, Hmmmm strange name, I guess your parents were hippies.  What kind of symptoms are you experiencing?

Cupcake:  Um, I like to hump everyone and everything.  

Doctor:  I see.  Sexual frustration....What else?

Cupcake:  I pee a anywhere and on everything.  Sometimes on people.

Doctor: Very strange, bowl incontinence.  

Cupcake: I lick butts.

Doctor;  Alright I've heard's your scrip.

Cupcake in disguise as a human goes to the dispenser while riding on top of Caspers head...Casper on two legs to appear as a human.

They load up on marijuana but only after a few sideways looks.

They get home and start getting stoned. They eat fritos, ice cream, hot name it, they ingested it.

Pretty soon, Cupcake wasn't satisfied with just marijuana...she needed something stronger.  Cupcake started scouring the streets for some harder drugs.  She started slamming heroin.

Then soon after she was prostituting herself for heroin...only coming home to steal money from Casper and jenny to get her next fix.

Casper tried to save her but the horse got cupcake.  She od-ed with a bunch of hookers in the back of a construction workers porta potty.  

Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks its ok for their dog to ingest marijuana.

Created: May 04, 2017


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