The Shadow of the Ancestors (WWC#126)

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    It was a gloomy autumn night just as the heat of summer would fade away from the Apache mountains a while back, when it all happened. The leaves were starchy yellow still oozing off the sun's heat gathered all day long & finally relaxing now that autumn winds were coming. A young girl carrying a wolf's fur over her shoulders, a one tooth necklace & a passion for adventure was roaming free through the woods.

  Passing playfully although with care around everything since the poor light, she hears something calling her & leading her through the darkness- so she checks around every corner, not so much fearful as to curious. What was it that she was feeling? Soon enough she comes across a dark silhouette into a distance, nearly a shadow. At first it looked like a wolf looking back on his trail, but it's head suddenly changed into a human's upper body... Was this that which guided her all along? She stops for a moment, closes her eyes & then looks back, but it disappeared. 

    Slowly but surely all the stars come shining out on the black canvas while all the clouds drift away. It was a full moon and no tracks to be found on the ground nor any sorts of remnants of what she had seen, only a fade howling from afar. She wonders off some more in that direction until she discovers a big enough tree. While climbing she feels none of the exhaustion before but rather rejuvenated and finds a solid branch in no time. She hops on it and starts glaring throughout all sights, not finding anything of what she was searching for... just forests upon forests within the darken mountains and every now & then nocturnal animals which would come out to play, but no traces of any wolves. So she starts gazing to the skies, looking away charmed; almost getting mesmerized by the moon she begins howling with all her might & lust for answers. 

   For a while she starts believing it was all in her imagination but once she gets to the bottom of the tree, amidst from nowhere a woman like no other appears before her eyes. Fully clothed in wolf fur, a wolf skull with ears attached protects her head, face painted in white symbols which would continue down her neck and further covering her entire body, bite marks, having fangs and claws for bracelets & necklaces. Holding a long wooden staff with a wolf shaped head and an almost scimitar shaped blade on its end in her left arm, while greeting the young one with her right hand & a friendly smile. It all happened in an instant and before the little wolf girl could say anything her new friend suddenly transformed into a large shadowy black wolf figure, eyes white bright like stars & leaped miles away into a far away forest, leaving her alone all in awe. And yet another fade howl reaches to the skies carried by the winds.

  As midnight passes, the girl gets to a seemingly abandoned burrow at the base of a huge tree, thus finding rest and shelter for another night.

Created: May 04, 2017

Tags: story, prose, script, fiction, wood12, wwc#126, hitrecord, theme, weeklywritingchallenge

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