Questing My Sanity

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 I lost my sanity student teaching math at an inner-city middle school. My advising teacher couldn’t be found, and the advice books I bought offered no help. The kid I liked most brought a gun to school and threatened the history teacher. At least the boy understood pre-algebra. Most kids had a hard time adding more than two digits. However, students didn’t need math to know the ratio of kids to the space of the classroom didn’t work. With more than 40 students crammed into a classroom built for 20, disarray insured as growing bodies infringed on one another.

Thanks to the chaos, I lost a fair amount of weight and gained bags under my eyes. “Friends” circulated that it must be drugs; without question, they isolated me. Depressed, I didn’t bother showing up after winter break. I changed my major to accounting, kept a small group of friends, and never looked back.  

Created: May 04, 2017


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