Stable Skin

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My 6 year old son and I were going through his baby pictures when we had our first unexpected conversation about birth:

"Mom, when I was a baby in your tummy and I decided to come out, how did Dr Cathy get me out? I'm confused about that because we have stable skin."

Stable Skin? What do you mean?

"Stable, you know? Like...its really strong and all stuck together. Your skin doesn't just open. Like.. is there a door to open? Or how did I come out?"

Hmm... well Mothers bodies are really neat and babies know how to get out. Plus, Dr Cathy knows best, and she was there to help you come out as well.

"Yes, she is our doctor after all. Plus she tells me to eat 5 colors of my fruits & vegetables every day and I know she will be impressed because most days I do. Except not all days. Today I had 4 colors."

Then our conversation went to the fruits & veggies that he ate that day.

Created: May 04, 2017


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