not so imaginary

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In land inside my head I have a friend, someone no one but me can see or hear. My friend is special for she keeps all my secrets and holds all of my thoughts. sometimes she is very loud almost deafening inside my mind, and sometimes i have to look for her, she is queen at hide and seek. there are days where I will crawl inside my mind and hide with her or scream with her. some days we laugh and roll down hills, others we cry and hide in blankets. no matter where I go she is with me. my best friend, the only one who will never leave. together we have watched the world spin, people come and people go. we have been on a million adventures and will go on a million more.most people forget about there imaginary friends after childhood, but no matter how old I grow she will always be there for i am her and she is me. 

Created: May 03, 2017


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