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I will never forget the words from one of the more respected friends I had in my teen years who said that I was an "under-achiever". Before that, I had been called a lot of things; much worse things. This... criticism... burned. Back when I heard it at age 16, it stung. 

I look back on my reaction now, and believe that his comment burned because the core of who I was about to become was the antithesis of an under-achiever. Today, the people that know me would scoff at the idea that I would ever put forth any level below my best in anything I do. Now, people term me as "competitive", "superstar", "perfectionist". If they want to sound mean, they say "Type A" with their noses all scrunched up. 

I believe that my friend at the time knew this about me and therefore the term "under" achiever was very applicable. From what I was capable of being, I was shooting far lower. 

It wasn't right away that I decided to prove him wrong. It took a very long time of a wasteful frame of mind for me to come full circle and really show on the outside what has been inside the entire time.

I regret any day that I chose not to excel. I regret any day that I put someone else first, especially when I was young. I regret any year that went by without a milestone marked or an accomplishment checked off my list. 

This makes my  future a whole lot easier because it is so easy to reverse this kind of mistake. Simply start! 

There is nothing more exhilarating than finally becoming an achiever.

Created: May 03, 2017


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