The Beast - People Suck But Maybe I'm Just Angsty

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So.. this day last year my whole town of Fort McMurray was evacuated due to a wildfire dubbed, "The Beast". I'm sitting at home, scrolling through Facebook seeing everyone's posts. Meaningful, sweet, and emotional posts venting about their experiences this past year. Videos, photos, and links to more articles relating to the fire and our evacuation.  I feel strange. I feel like I have nothing to say, but maybe typing this is just what I needed to do, who knows. Over 80,000 people evacuated. Jesus I forget how crazy that actually is a lot of the time. 

Communities really pulled through when this happened. Deals at stores, people offering free lodging, clothes, money, etc. It really showed me what people are capable of doing. At the same time I would think, "Wow.. it really does take a tragedy in order for people to truly come together." Why does something terrible have to happen in order for people to be kind?  And how can people still be cruel when tragedy occurs as well? When the fire happened some people said Fort Mac deserved it. That my home, the place I grew up in, deserved to go up in smoke and hoped it would burn to the ground. That the PEOPLE here deserved it. People were even breaking into/vandalizing vehicles with "Fort Mac Strong" stickers on their cars during the almost two month evac. Unreal..

Maybe I'm getting sick of humanity, I don't know anymore. I feel silly typing this, I'm not really even saying anything.  People just suck and fuck if it isn't starting to get to me. This day is just making me remember some of the horrible things that people had said and done. Maybe that's my problem though, I have been pretty down lately. 

There were good things that shined through as well, I suppose I should just focus on those moments. At least we're all home, and our community seems to be thriving and that is definitely something to be happy about.

Created: May 03, 2017

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