What is taboo for some is normal for others

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When I see people discuss taboo subjects I always wait and listen to what they have to say about it before I chime in. You see, I am the kind of person that is and has always been open minded about a lot of different things. I have participated in many things that people consider to be taboo, or not acceptable morally or socially. Sometimes I shrug it off and do not say a word, and just listen. Other times I am quick to say that I have done that or am that and wait for their response. It is usually met with shocked and embarrassed faces, apologizes, or "Well, I mean, you're different though!" In which I have to kindly assure them that I am not. 

I have had people tell me that they would prefer not to be friends with me anymore because of some of these things too. Which has made it hard for me to try to meet new people, fear of them not accepting who I am or who I was during certain periods of my life. I'm an extremely open person and I always find myself talking openly about these "taboo" subjects. It's just who I am. I am an over sharer. 

So, I guess now you are probably wondering what some of these things are - I'll share some that I probably already have on here for now. 

I've worked in the adult entertainment industry

I am an open atheist

I have had several piercings - nipples, nose, vertical labret

I have tattoos (not as taboo as it was several years ago)

I am a female that watches pornography and masturbates regularly

I have a sex addiction

I have breast implants 

I am a nudist, I spend a week every summer at nudist resorts

I do not have a sexual preference when it comes to partners, as long as I am sexually attracted to the person.  

I enjoy exploring different fetish lifestyles to figure out if I, too, might enjoy them. 
I am a member of swingers groups

I think a lot of these come with being sex positive, the others came from curiosity that led to the exploration of them. It still surprises me to see people, especially my age, shocked about some of them because it has been such a normal part of my life for so long. Or the comments people make about how they would NEVER do any of them. Or, the responses from super religious people who think that these things some how make me a bad person, which I think is far from the truth, hopefully, Ha. 

I like the idea of this project. I like the idea that people can open up about things that are normal to them, but that others might find taboo. I think you would be surprised to see how normal some of these things are in people's lives, especially people you would never expect it from. 

Created: May 03, 2017

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