Think of You First

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You don't need to please everybody - Not only is it impossible, it's unnecessary.  You don't need to please Dad by agreeing with him when he talks badly about Mom.  You don't need to please every boy that wants to sleep with you - They need to learn to handle rejection.  You don't need to please the friend who wants you to go out drinking every weekend.  You don't need to please Mom when she notices the one thing you did wrong after ignoring all of the other things that you should be proud of yourself for.  You don't need to please your friend by accepting her apology after she hurt you very badly.  You don't need to please anybody by keeping quiet when you want to speak up.  The only person you need to please, time and time again, is You.  Be strong, be confident in your decisions, be proud of yourself, and never let anybody make you feel small.  I believe in You, and You should too.

Created: May 03, 2017


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