You're greater than you know

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Dear Jeremy, 

For our sake, I hope you get your act together. I know at the present moment, you're making your way through girls and pot faster than you're making your way through a refrigerator. I know you're not interested in succeeding through high school because you don't feel you're worth it in the first place. And I know that you are surrounding yourself with 'friends' that treat you like a punching bag because you don't believe you can get better friends. So, believe me when I tell you that there will be an awakening, and the person you become is 50 times better than the person you believe yourself to be. 

Your post-awakening self needs you. He needs you to apply yourself in school. You're going to fall flat with a mediocre education background. It may not be of much consequence to you now, but in the future you will be a brilliant hobby engineer. Sadly, no one will take you seriously without that silly little piece of paper saying you know how to do it. There will be numerous times when your ideas could save lives, and they won't be acted on without that degree. And you will take it to heart and feel the burden of guilt for their loss.

Your future self needs you to stop being friends with these assholes. Not one of them would split a hair on their head to prevent you from being hurt. They will use you for what you can do for them, and they will abandon you. Not one of them will stick around, no matter how much you believe they will. It will leave you feeling hopeless, and broken, and you don't need them by any stretch of the imagination.

You will meet a girl that will quickly become your world. She will become everything you had ever wanted. She will make you laugh, and she will adore you with a passion that burns so brightly it will make the sun look like a shitty light bulb. And unless you give up your self-loathing and free yourself from the self-doubt and hatred your parents instilled in you, you will break her in the most unimagined ways. You will blacken her soul and drive everything you fall in love with right out of her until she is like you. Bitter and broken. The worst possible way to destroy a person is to love them when you don't know how to I plead to you, do not pluck that flower. Let her be.

You need to find yourself. You are lost and without a compass. Let me be your guide. You're not going to find yourself in drugs, or your friends, or in girls. You will find yourself in textbooks. You will become something so far beyond the majority of the population could imagine if only you take your life seriously. You've already given up on yourself and you haven't even begun yet, and I know you can become something greater than you've ever hoped for. So keep this letter handy. Read it when you can. And, for fucks sake, grab the world by the balls. 

Created: May 03, 2017


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