Are You Real? - Short Story - (New Draft Idea)

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(Hi Everyone, this is for Humberfloob's featured suggestion of further ideas on how to elaborate on the Short Story: Are You Real? by Picus - as Resourced Below. Thanks!).


''We may all feel individual, but together, we can all form a collective force''.

I still remember those infamous words, ringing in my ears. The mysterious figure, coaxing in unsuspecting audiences on various annual, celebratory holidays throughout the year. Was he a fake, misunderstood, or simply a figment of my so-dubbed: over-active imagination? I still couldn't tell you...

But what I do know is what I saw. This man (presumably) - not attracting too much of an audience surprisingly enough - people were either shopping busily in preparation, or just under too much costume to notice - but I did. 

This un-spooling of vast theological musings - the figure so clearly believed to be incontestable fact. Life-forces, second-comings, spiritual signs...

Not that I ever doubted that it was true - or at least partly. I was more struck by the sheer oddity of the situation. Every customarily crowded Easter, Halloween or Christmas, this beguiling, personified enigma would take to the city's busiest square, head bowed, face barely seen - to tell the world the latest either inspirational, or darkly desperate, lesson.

On one such occasion, I decided to finally talk to him:

'Excuse me' I interrupted, one chilly, leaf-crunching Halloween night - made ever chillier by his eerie presence - as he was in the middle of telling us how he shooed away ghosts and goblins just with the power of thought - 'All of this that you're saying - is it true?'.

'I leave that up to you' was all he growled neutrally - and he was gone.

After that, everything else was just a blur...

Created: May 03, 2017


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