Hi Stranger (letter to younger self)

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Hello stranger,
I know you you know who I am.
You can see the fire in my eyes and you understand it's the same one in yours.
Your soul burns bright, even though you don't feel like it does.
All the criticism is to keep you down, to stay below....
Fight it
Not physically, but be strong mentally.
Fight it
You deserve every great thing that's going to happen
You are enough
You are special
And I want you to know
Even when you feel
Like you can't take it anymore.
I'm right here on the other side of time
Waiting for you
To meet me
To get to know me
So you can rise
To Be great
And not be strangers anymore
To know and love yourself
That's all I ask of you
Be yourself
It will take you far darling.
I love you always.

Your future self.

Created: May 03, 2017


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