You're Not Funny

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If you're telling a joke, to only one person, and the person you're telling the joke to does not find the joke funny, then your joke is not funny.  If you were a professional comedian you wouldn't perform to a church group and tell a bunch of jokes that make fun of religion, would you?  It wouldn't make any sense, these people wouldn't find you funny and you would be annoyed because they don't get it.  Yeah, by all means you are allowed to talk and feel however you want to, that's what being in a free country is all about.  But it's important to know your audience if you want to be well received.  If you think it's funny to jokingly tell your girlfriend to "go to bed" when she's being crabby but she doesn't find it funny, this won't end well for you.  If you want to start a fight, go ahead and make the joke, but don't get pissed when she gets offended. Especially if you've made the joke before and you know for a fact it wasn't well received the first time.  Stop making stupid jokes, sexist jokes, destructive jokes, unless you want to be thought of as stupid, sexist, and or destructive.  If you don't care that someone thinks of you that way, then I guess go ahead and say whatever you want, just know that you aren't doing yourself any favors.  Personally, i don't know anyone who would find the comments, "Go to bed", "Go take a nap", "I'm going to pee on your bed", "I'm going to burn your books", "I'm going to smoke all of your cigarettes", I don't know anyone who would find these comments funny or light-hearted.  I don't know anyone, and I especially don't know any women, who would find this behavior attractive or charming.  So don't keep making the same stupid jokes.  Stop defending bad behavior by calling it a joke.  If your audience doesn't think you're funny they aren't going to keep coming to your show.

-Reece Darlene

Created: May 03, 2017


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