To Little Lisie

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My dearest little one,

I know it seems hard right now, and I know your mom and dad aren’t taking care of you the way they should. I know your dad gets mad sometimes and that he says really mean things and hurts you, but please know that you are loved. You are worthy, you are a good girl, and you are full of magic, and light. You can do whatever you dream and dare, with your life. I promise you, he is wrong! He is mad because his daddy was mean to him when he was little. He doesn’t know how to be a good daddy for you, because his daddy never showed him how to do it right. It is not your fault. It was never your fault. Don’t let his words stay, don’t let him hurt your heart. You are worthy of love and happiness. You deserve to be amazing and do amazing things. I love you. I love you to the moon and back, and I am telling you the truth. Be patient with your mom. She doesn’t know how to be a mom to you, but she loves you. Just love her for who she is, and it will be okay, I promise you. Forgive your dad. He probably never had anyone hug him and tell him it would be okay, when he was scared and alone in the dark. Be amazing, my sweet one. Find what makes you happy and lights you up inside and do that. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t, or it’s not realistic, or that you can’t pay the bills doing it. Whatever it is, you do it and you find a way to get your happiness. You don’t have to be rich to be happy, you just have to love yourself and others, and do the right thing. You are so wonderful, and your heart is big enough to love the world. Let that love shine, and remember to follow that heart where it leads you. Trust your heart first, because love is the truth of all things. Always be brave! Always be kind! Always forgive – yourself and others, because we all make mistakes but it doesn’t mean we are bad people. Always love yourself, because I am telling you that I love you, and you are worth it and if you listen to me, one day, when you’re all grown up, you will have a life that makes you happy and a confidence in your abilities that will help you through any trouble.

Love, Mirth, and Joy – Always and Forever,

Big Me

Created: May 03, 2017


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