Hey you! Me, us, whatever.

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So well hi, this me/you in the future to basically tell you: Things will be better and will not be better. You are gonna get so much horrible days and amazing days, so much troubles but some great joys too. I wish I had better news like everything's going to be fine every time but unfortunately life doesn't work that way. What I can tell you is that no matter how many bad things happen, how many days you just cry yourself to sleep, or how many times you punch a wall out of frustration, after all that, and quoting a fave movie of ours, Life finds a way.

So keep going, no matter how bad things get because the good is waiting for you.

Also, start exercise earlier and do more cardio, cause that crap gets it done! Don't stop being a nerd, embrace it earlier, you are going to go to several events you are gonna love for being a nerd (keep an eye out for 007 in Mexico "wink") and last but not least, never EVER forget the promise we made after high school. That promise will help us and more people later on, do not forget it and do not break it.

Other than that, keep it going, find an iPod and fill it with soundtracks, keep your friends and pets closer than ever, and you'll do a better job than me. Just try not to blow up the universe with a time changing paradox, trust me you do not want to go that way!

Keep it up, we'll be fine in the end!

- Everan

PS: use that name on everything is so cool!

Created: May 03, 2017


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