The 5 Minute Rant

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the first thing in my head was the song I was just listening to. "Then she said I don't hate you but I just want to save you while there's still something left to save. She said I don't love you but I just want to ... I forgot the rest. But I really like this song. Has it been a minute yet? Not yet. 11:18. cool. This is a cool idea. I don't really think about free writing too often. I tried to do this with drawing but that just ended after like a minute of staring at blank paper. I really want to try to do this more often now, with drawing, writing, etc. I wanna implement this into my playing and planning of sessions of Dungeons and Dragons, because that would be interesting to see how a storyline could go when I think of it on the spot. 11:20. Sweet. I kinda don't want this to end. It allows myself to see just how fast my fingers can display what my mind wants them too. I have to think slower because I can't type as fast as I can think. That makes my thoughts more coherent and. Hmm. My train of thought went away. That's sad. I liked that thought. At any rate, I hope that I can do this more often and can enjoy it more. Hmm. I need to buy new glasses soon. I found out today that these are 5 years old and they keep slipping down my face, which is slightly annoying but now I'm used to it. only a minute left. I gotta keep going. I miss everything that I was before. I just started college and stuff and now things are weird to me. I miss my family too. Sigh. There are lots of floods happening where I am from and that makes me worry about my friends back there. But now, I'm 2 states away and 20 hour drive away.

Created: May 03, 2017


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