When is too much too much?

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Persistence is key they say, but sometimes it's creepy, more often it's annoying. I've made a new friend recently, she's funny, she's smart, she's ambitious and I think she's kind of drop dead gorgeous. But it's been a while since I've asked someone out and I think I just don't know the right way how. Is this just infatuation, maybe it's the loneliness spilling from the crevices of me, trying to latch on to any form of reciprocated affection. 

Really though, I want nothing more than to get to know her better. But every time I initiate conversation even though it ends uo going on for hours and its casual and fun and interesting, I can' help but worry I'm being a bore, I'm being annoying and I wish I knew for sure how she felt before I ruined a good thing.

I want to be brave and take chances and make a leap of faith, but sometimes it's just easier to daydream of the what ifs than receive confirmation of an impossibility. Life goes on and we are grateful for the friendships we have and the bonds we make, I suppose things blossom to what they would to anyways. 

Created: May 03, 2017


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