Second Life

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The man who lived at the edge of the universe

spoke to the man who lived at the edge of an eclipse

and was asked, "Why do you purse your lips?"

The man who traversed the grand immerse replied

"Why do you squint your eyes crosswise?"

The eclipsal man said "I narrow my eyes to compromise

the guise of your guy's colonized demonized glamorized dehumanized disenfranchise"


"And why do you purse your lips space man? Got any lies?"

- "I apologize. I paused only to analyze and harmonize my enterprise. You're right, humans did jeopardize their ears and eyes with lies. It's true they did neutralize and scandalize in polarized despise. Also did they burglarize and Westernize their merchandise. Too they chose to ostracize their naturalized and mechanized surmise. But look how they energize with twisting hips and thighs, hear how they anglicize the imprecise, see how they crystallize and fertilize short harmonized memories televised... so please, open your eyes even slightly. I ask politely you watch us nightly so we sleep tightly. No one has ever seen the world so brightly"

The eclipsal man opened his eyes to exchange glances

But the visitor had already left. Leaving only second chances in the deep expanses.

Created: May 03, 2017


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