Silent Suffering

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What people don’t understand, is that suffering from depression is like trying to push a boulder up a hill by yourself. Often times it’s so large, you can’t even see what is at the top that you wanted to reach so badly in the first place. So sooner or later you begin to wonder why you’re still bothering to try and push the boulder at all. That doubt leads the boulder to begin rolling backwards which only makes moving it harder. Eventually if no one comes to help, it will crush you beneath its weight. Then you find the boulder sitting back at the bottom of the hill, and yourself covered in the mud of negativity it pushed you down into. That negativity causes you to push your loved ones from your life for which they will simply blame you. Meanwhile had they helped you get the boulder to the hilltop, you wouldn’t be so negative in the first place. So now you’re stuck to the ground, unable to move with no one around to help you up. Once you finally do get to your feet, you find the boulder has doubled in size due to a lack of loved ones. So its usually around this time that you decide to not bother starting to push it again. Instead you merely lay in the mud that the boulder of depression pushed you into. Before long that negativity turns to bitterness and then soon after that into rage. Its usually around this time that you’ll find yourself lashing out at anyone trying to help. Despite the fact that in most cases you wont even know them. Eventually after too long of this you’ll give up all hope that things can get better and we all know what happens then. So please, take this story as a piece of advice and don’t let anyone push a boulder alone. If you know someone who is suffering from depression, help them reach the top of their hill. In doing so you might just save their life, and isn’t that worth struggling for?

Written by: Iriaham Santori

Created: May 02, 2017


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