Transformers kept me going.

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So yeah, I know, the Transformers films. I know what you are thinking and so on, but I love them to death, the music, effects, sounds, blah blah blah. But back in 2007, I was in high school and was heavily bullied, stressed out the wazooh and alone as hell. Bue I always kept thinking about the first Transformers film in 2007 to the point of obsession. I saw some G1 cartoons, got a movie magazine with a crap ton of stills and interviews and read it everyday. The day before I saw it, I didn't even sleep because of the excitement. And then came the day, and I saw it and loved it to the point where everything else was just gone! And was a little happy kid again.
Then came the second film, me in prep school for college, and again it kept me going, and so did the third. all of them just made my problems dissapear for 3 hours. When the 4th came out, it was after college and my first break up which damaged me a lot, but the film again, made me feel so joyful.

And now the 5th is coming and I know that the rest of the year will be pretty much shit, but 10  years later and the films make me feel the same and I know that when I see the new film, everything will just go away.

The power of movies!

Created: May 02, 2017


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