Lonely Love

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At I young age I had dreams and knew that success would be in my reach because of my ability to keep pushing. As I became of age to finally chase my dreams I realized life happens fairly quickly. I sit here on the brink of turning 34 and the goals I had aaa a child are a distant memory. Only thing I hold on to know is the dream of being the best human I can and impacting the world. To my family I wasn't always the person I am now. I made some childish decisions in regards to discipline and maintaining a household. I offer my apologies the best me was just on the other side of depression and I never knew it. To the world my selfish goals of wanting to be wealthy and just looking out for me and mines also deserves an open letter apology. I now know by trying to better someone else's life I would have instilled values in my family that words could have never taught and in turn they would begin to change one life at a time. As I write this I realize that all this love I have now to give is what I needed all a long and the only downside is I don't have my family to share it with and the world seems to reject love and positivity because few are genuine. Nevertheless I will not give up I will chase my family to give them this love and I will spread it amount the people I see daily. I know today that succeeding in love is succeeding in life. I guess I made i. 

Created: May 02, 2017


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