Preteen Rites - A Collective Memoir

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For some of us, growing up can be harder than others. My mother was over-protective to the point of being intrusive in her daughters' lives. She was an unpleasant woman, but there was always something charming about her. When I was about 11 a pink razor turned up mysteriously in our bathroom along with a box of something in the back of the cupboard. My fragile preteen emotions raged inside as I did my best to hold my composure. There is an endless amount of people out there going through the same - in their own way. If people push me to do something that could potentially be good for me; I smile and listen knowing full well I will do it when I am ready and that you cannot force someone to be ready.

Created: May 02, 2017

Tags: preteen rites, rite of passage tiny memoir, collective memoir rite of passage

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