How are you not angry!

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When most people think of the world, it's happy thoughts of smiling babies of beautiful landscapes but when I do, I can't escape the horror. I have such a commanding respect for mankind that it bothers me, angers me even to see them so weak. We live in a period where people are weaker than they have ever been and I honestly can't figure out why. We have problems such as lacking diversity, yet why would that even be a problem? Have we not advanced past getting offended about something as trivial as gender or race? Then there's the wars, why must people hate each other so? How is it that the powers that be cannot see that there is more to be gained by building as opposed to destroying? Why can't everyone simply play nice and help each other, and appreciate what others have to offer? Maybe it's that I'm autistic but I honestly can't understand. Most days I can't even leave my room because I'm afraid of what I'm going to find. The way people treat each other horrifies me so I never go out anymore. I stay inside and avoid the news like the plague because I'm depressed enough as it is. Where have all the heroes gone? Where are the people who once stood against these atrocities? The people who saw the world and had more to say then: "Well, that's the way it is." Since when did standing up for the rights of others suddenly become "Social Justice" and stop being merely what decent human beings do for other human beings? How can people tolerate the world? People get bothered by me because I'm angry all the time, but I look at them astonished that they are not.

Created: May 02, 2017


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