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Write write write, for just five minutes. I am looking at the clock as it is the end of my working day and I have done about 3 minutes of work in an eight hour shift. I am losing stamina in a job that clearly sees me as not necessary. Its not that I don't feel important but I am pretty sure it would take my boss at least three days to realize I was not in the office. I am not upset about it because I learned early on his motivation is his money and his ego. There is nothing wrong with that because I am sure some where down the line someone taught him to be that person so I cant be mad at someone who doesn't change their behavior when it has only shown them benefits. If I was a spoiled brat perhaps my perception of humanity would not be so open, perhaps I too would look side eye at someone not as fortunate as I am.  Ahh. Either way I keep trying to put my resume out there, keep applying myself, the problem is people want to hire you for the experience you already have and not the experience you need. I wouldn't be looking for another job if I enjoyed this experience but instead I would like to start putting who I am to use. I am a tasker for goodness sakes! All those things you don't like to do I take such great pleasure in. OOOps got 34 seconds to go. Not impressed with those five minutes at all.

Created: May 02, 2017


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