5 Minutes

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5 minutes can be nothing. It can be everything. 

5 minutes falling down an internet rabbit hole can go by over and over again without any recognition of time lost. 

5 minutes in an emergency room can somehow stretch into an eternity. You can watch the second hand on a clock in a hospital and marvel at how slowly it actually moves. Tick. Tick. Tick. 

5 minutes with someone you know you'll never see again is never long enough. 

5 minutes with Kathy from your H.R. department is never short enough. 

5 minutes. Slowly, but surely, sets of 5 minutes make up our entire lives. Our parents go from living to deceased in the short absence of a single breath that will somehow elapse within a measure of 5 minutes. Our first child takes their first breath in a pocket of time that can easily be contained within 5 minutes. It's all relative. 

Created: May 02, 2017

Tags: 5 minutes, freewrite, relativity, relative, time, free verse, non-fiction

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