Rebellion: Will Matters Not Size

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I am the first one to admit that I have lived a pretty boring and sheltered life.  The only real rebellion I can say I've had is never letting my size be a deterrent for things I wanted to do. 

Growing up I was a small child. not sickly, but I was significantly smaller in both height and weight than most of my peers.  My mother wanted me in sports and activities where my size would be an asset, where I would not get hurt by other children.  These sports and activities consisted of things like gymnastics and dance.  I wanted none of it.  I wanted to play soccer.  This horrified my mother and thrilled my father, but after much argument I was allowed to play. 

After my very first game, the coach motioned for my parents to come speak with him privately.  Through muffled whispers I managed to get the gist of their conversation.  I was too small, too slow and would be knocked around by the other kids.  He was worried I'd get hurt.  I can still remember the smile of satisfaction my mother shot my father for having someone else agree with her initial concerns. 

After a ton of argument, and me standing my ground (with my father's support), we came to a compromise.  I'd get to play one year, and if I could prove myself then maybe I could continue.  I don't think anyone really expected me to play much, but they were wrong.  That coach lit a fire in me.  How dare he discourage me solely based on size, not taking into account talent or willpower, it pissed me off to be honest. 

I steadily improved throughout the year.  Within weeks I was not only keeping up with the other kids, but surpassing them.  I took hits, had the wind knocked out of me, and was knocked around constantly.  I may have been covered in bruises, but I never complained.  I never shied away from challenging the biggest kid for the ball, even if I damn well knew I'd end up with my ass on the ground.  I was hell bent on proving myself, and I did.  At the year end league awards I was named the top defender in my age group and it was my father's turn to shoot my mom, and coach, a satisfied smile. 

A few years later while in competitive swimming another coach commented on my size with concern.  This time my mother had just one thing to say....

"You think she can't do it, you doubt her, well you just wait and see..."


Created: May 02, 2017


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