Heavens Perspective

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The World, it's a curious thing. Watching, learning their movements. Shrugging to myself, what do I know?

Sighing as I watch them, from afar they seem so small, so delicate, fragile yet intriguing and dangerous. Dangerous? What about them makes them so dangerous? Their weapons? Sure but only to themselves. Their illnesses and diseases? Again to them only but they still terrify the soul... So what is it? What is the danger? I shrug again, what do I know?

I stretch and my wings twitch, I'm bored. And curious, why so many of us that visit them, come back so different? So... full of life? Full of pain? I'm not sure what it is.. Again, what do I know? What do I know?
I know I'm next, it's my turn and I'm uncertain, so unwilling. But what do I know? I don't have much choice, I've been chosen, commanded, my duty calls.. But I'm so unwilling, uncertain, I question my orders.. I've never questioned them, or the orders given, so what's changed, why now? But what do I know? How could I know? Or understand? I can't, simply won't...

Created: May 02, 2017


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