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What's a Cure? Such a thing really , does everyone need to be healed like they just need something to be fixed with them, that shouldn't be there? There's always a fix for this and that and you need more money for this and that. Marketing is nicely putting us in a trap, to keep us consuming like sewer rats. It's the normal thing, I don't argue the point of my simple upbringing, I can down on myself for your satisfaction from the cash cow that keeps us , pouring the milk like it's going out of style. I think everyone wants cash , cold hard cash 24-7 like the movies, anyway they can possibly do it, I mean desperately it seems that most venture out. It's too easy to put a video camera and display a routine for the whole world to see, maybe it would go virally? 

Maybe just maybe the real thing is to get caught up in it, see a deeper meaning in it. Always people downing the internet information, like I don't like it . You don't like easy accessible knowledge to build this world up and maybe coercing that fact maybe someone did hack my information because it's all that and bags of chips, like every flavor, the good kind too,  the one that costs like $7 a bag. The constant movement of this world depends on all the people in it's track, rhyming seems draining but gives a good rhythm and it makes it easier for the truth to come out. Little by little you give away a part of yourself, but when you give it away over the whole stay it's like where did i freaking go? Nowheres land sounds comfortably set for something to bloom, in day or night fireworks head the warnings of a true blue beginning sky. 

Created: May 02, 2017


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