Road Runner

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Hit the gas to the next living spree 

of the transcending of trees 

breezing by , dancing in the summers

air. Controlled by all the twists and 

turns, leveling down knowing 

something was gone , you made

it happen as eight years of practice. 

How could you plan attack that 

poor angel boy who wanted to 

just see you happy. He became 

numbed out to the point of no 

return, he was the one who 

arose from the accident. 

Unfortunately wolves travel 

in packs and they never travel

alone, in aware of something 

that intimidates their fates.

How can this be, seemingly real, 

is my fanatical movie line true. 

I wanted this, you wanted to see

what would really happen. Did you

hold someone down being spiritual.

Maybe the payback is this animosity

I'm waiting for the guilty feelings to 

dissipate, but they can't be forced down.

Breaking down self is the rarity of this 

kind, feeling strongly at everything 

teaching us the real factual information

you need to figure out that going absolutely

out of your mind can heal , but when the 

audience affects the way it all is judged,

holding something against you. 

The hold on the struggles in a person

is real, instead of a two faced girl, i

understand it's so funny and visually 

seems unkind really. I take offense easily,

been trained by the best to feel poorly about

our human existence, never celebrating life

but instead the negativity constantly among

our own men. 

Created: May 02, 2017


Gilliano Document Media