Oh Basil, You're So...

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DEAD! He's bloody dead! 

I see him as I fill the kettle for my morning coffee. With mixed emotions I stare at the now lifeless Basil. How did this happen? I promised myself after the last one that I wouldn't do this again, yet there he is, in all his glorious deadness.

I'll have to dispose of him of course. But coffee first, disposing of the deceased is a job best done AFTER the first coffee of the day. Believe me, I speak from experience, lots of experience.

I try not to look at him as the kettle boils, it's obvious from his appearance that he's dead.

I could have sworn he was alive when I went to sleep, but obviously not, his current state of deadness is testament to the fact that I killed another one. 

Drawn by something, I'm not sure what, morbid curiosity perhaps, I can't help but give him a quick prod. 

Yep, he's definitely gone.

I make my coffee and cradling the warm cup in my cold hands I gaze across at Basil. It always ends like this, I never mean to kill them, but I always do. That's why after the last one I promised myself no more, I just wouldn't bring them home, that way I couldn't kill them.

I was doing so well, it has been a good six months since I last killed.

Then yesterday I saw him, I wasn't looking I swear, he just caught my eye. Poor Basil, he really didn't stand a chance from the moment I clapped eyes on him. So young, vibrant, healthy and strong; I knew I had to have him, and at that time I really had no intention of killing him. I reasoned with myself, 'he's so healthy and strong, I'm sure I won't be able to kill him."

But alas, poor Basil, like so many before him, proved no match for me and my unintentional murderous inclinations.

Though I'd love to say this really is the last and I'll never do it again; I know in my heart of hearts this just isn't true. There'll be another Basil to catch my eye, there always is, and I'll kill again.

Of course, they're not all called Basil, there's been Mints, Parsleys and even (un)Lucky Bamboos - no matter how hard I try, I always end up killing them.


A/N Thought this could possibly work as a narration with flashbacks to the narrator at the shops, where an array of tall good looking men smile at her(him) and only have it revealed at the end that Basil like all the other victims, is a plant.

*Dedicated to Basil (my latest victim) and all the others that have met their untimely demise at my hands*


Created: May 02, 2017

Tags: killer, poor basil, i killed him, dark comedy, narrative, murderer, dialogue, fiction

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